Today for the first time in my life…shame to you my nation…I am concerned that I have a daughter.

I am scared for my daughter!! Though, today should have been a proud day for me…as my daughter, for the first time in her life, took her first independent steps to school. She went to school…unaccompanied, all by herself. I am so proud of her…but I am feeling paranoically scared for her.

Because I live in a nation full of a nation where rape happens every day, and the nation does nothing to punish the culprits. What’s wrong with the men today? Why the bestiality is increasing day by day…why??

Godd, where should I hide my little one? How can I be there for her, every time and everywhere? Where is she safe – in school, in her neighborhood, or her home? Should I imprison her? Should I bind her behind the veil, so that she remains safe? Should I restrict her in home, so that she remains safe? Which age are we living in? Today, I read on a site,

“Doctors treating the 23-year-old victim of a brutal gangrape incident in Delhi say that the extent of injuries on the girl is completely shocking, and that the men involved clearly had strong psychopathic tendencies. The extent of injuries on the victim is extremely severe. She has intestinal damage after being repeatedly hit with a blunt object on her abdomen, and doctors say the extent of genital damage indicates that a blunt object was also probably shoved up her private parts. She is currently receiving treatment at the Safdarjung hospital.”

I shudder to think, what the girl must have gone through at that time. What was her fault? She was out at 9:30 PM with a male friend, or they trusted and boarded a bus. Where are we leading to? Will this ever stop? While our politician are busy fighting over polls, calling each other names, over FDI, the nation’s capital is fast becoming the most dangerous place to live in.

We all advocate the rights of a girl child…that she has a right to birth..but are we giving the right kind of atmosphere for her to live a happy life. The buck does not stop at just criticizing the female feticide. The responsibility lies upon us for her to feel safe and happy.

If we can hang terrorists, why can’t we hang rapists? Rapists are worse than terrorists. After all terrorists like Kasab violated our boundary, and rapists violate a woman’s soul and body. They infringe a woman’s very sense of being.


My younger one turned six…Planning the Partyyy the whole day, and they sleep…

We organized a small party. This time around we thought that it will be entirely kids’ party. No elders allowed, except for grandparents. Kiddos had already spread a word about the b’day a month before; so every kid in the block was waiting for the party. Come the birthday, and sharp at 9:00 AM his friends (ABY and ARNY) popped in. The whole day they were trying to help me (GOD SAVE ME!!). Whenever I told them to go to their place, they would say ‘Aunty, we are here to help you!! My mom has sent me to your place’. They said that so earnestly, that I just could not help smiling.

My daughter was busy with her friends, planning the dresses and games. The entire day my home was buzzing with activity – as if there is a wedding. Grandparents, and six kids. There are three families in our building, and all of them have a combi of daughter and son. Coincidently, daughters are elder, while sons are younger. So it’s a gang of three girls, and three boys…and thank God all six are best of pals (with lots of infighting though).

Coming back to the birthday, all six of them were there the whole day…boys blowing balloons and then fighting for them…girls planning for the games and solo dance performances. At around 4:00 PM I pushed the four kids to go to their homes and get ready…And Whoaa!! They were back by 4:15. All decked up with Gifts. I could hardly get the birthday boy ready.

Anyways the party started with snacks. There were around 15 more kids apart from these 6 kids. Initially the boys were busy with running after each other, playing with the toys, sometimes dancing in between, and playing with balloons (there were loads of them, blown by Abby, Arny, and my son). Girls were shy initially, and then they too opened up…dancing. And then they started their party games. By that time, I observed Abby, Arny, and my son to have become somewhat little quiet. I thought might be it’s the games that they are concentrating on. Then came the turn of solo dances. Each girl had prepared her own song and was dancing. After three-four performance, I glanced through the room, and found threesome missing.

I searched again, and I saw them dozing off in the back of the sofaaa. I called their names, and they could barely open their eyes. Ohhh baby..all other kiddos were playing and the ones who were planning for the party were now too tired to enjoy it.

Girls were offended…no doubt J. My hubby quickly circulated the highlight of the party…a surprise item for the kids in the winters – Choco bar. The moment they saw the ice cream, they jumped up and grabbed it. God bless them!! They look lovely together!!

Ate a parrot today!!

Six years old – Mom, I vomited in school today!!
Me – Why? What did the school serve in lunch time?
Six years old – They made me eat a parrot!!
Me – Whatttttt? A parrot?????
Looking at my extremely shocked expressions, gave a second thought.
Six years old – I think it was carrot!!!!!!


Who says only Zaheer Khan can bowl bouncers…my 6 years old bowls us out every day with such bouncers.

Whatt!! We don’t eat MOSTLY for breakfast!!

My son gets his lunch and breakfast (milk break with a snack) from his school itself. As they are young, the teacher urged the parents not to give kids heavy breakfast before they leave for school; otherwise they don’t take the meal properly. This defeats the very purpose of serving them mid day meal.

But for the past few days, he gets up very early in the morning. By the time, he leaves for school its almost 2 hours since he is up, and he insists on having his breakfast. BUT for him breakfast means EGGU WALEE BREAD!! (French toast he means to say). So, we all are forced to have eggs in breakfast almost every day.

Today morning, on the breakfast table, we had a round of discussion. My hubby missed having ‘Aloo Ka Paranthas’, since long time (Punjabis you see, we cannot stay away from paranthas). I told him, “Ask your son!! For him breakfast means EGGU WALEE BREAD”

Hubby teased me, “What does he say?”

I asked my son to confirm, “Tell me, what breakfast is?”

He went into a thoughtful mood.

My daughter tried to intervene. “You see. We eat mostly…”

At this he shouted, “Whatt!! We don’t eat mostly!!” His eyes wide open and agitated. “First we eat Roti (clever one…he was listening to the conversation and manipulated his answer) and then we eat EGGU WALEE BREAD!!”

Then with a sharp frown and disapproving look at his sister, “But we never eat mostly in our breakfast!!”

My daughter heaved a long breath, threw that hopeless kind of look at him, and resumed having her breakfast; leaving me and my hubby in peals of laughter.

Need a reminder to eat ‘Gems’ in pocket

Every morning my younger one insists on taking a toffee or chocolate or juice along with, something that he can share with his friends in the bus. We take care that it does not turn into a practice. But today morning, he made a real cute face while asking for it. My usual stern self melted, and I gave him a pack of Gems. I made him put it in his sweat shirt’s pocket.

With a deep frown on his forehead, “Why are you keeping it in my pocket?”

His Dad, “So that you don’t lose it!”

“Hmm!! What if I forget to eat it?”

“So what? You can bring it back home and share it with your Didi.”

“Nooooo!! No way!! You do one thing…please write it down on a paper that I have to eat my Gems. Hand it to me, so that I remember it”

“But sweetheart!! How will you read it? You have just started with the alphabets!!”