M’s Birthday

Happy birthday, my love.

We are most imperfect couple in the world – truly, you are from Mars and I am from Venus. We have totally different backgrounds, totally contradictory upbringing and totally different priorities in our life. But destiny brought us together. All these years together, we have stuck to each other – overcoming the hurdles created by our differences. We never gave up on each other. Sometimes you compromised for me and sometimes I for you…I think it must be love that made us do all this for each other.

May this birthday bring all the happiness and success for you!


Sach mein??? Aisaa abhee bhee hotaa hai iss duniya mein …

Log management key favourites kaisey bantey hain…log koyee kabliyat naa hotey hue bhee kaisey safaltaa kee seedhee chaddh jaatey hain

Like it baffles me…I have seen people working their asses off and not getting any where…aur yahaan kuchh log kuchh naa kar key bhee, suddenly important ho jaatey hain. I thought it would be different in western world…but naah…it isn’t!!

Jitnee favouritism mainey yahaan dekhee hai, kahin nahin dekhee…

Phir ek laayak insaan ko haartey dekha…
Phir ek nalaayak ko jeet tey…
Bass kar ehh zindagi…
Aur kitnee girteen emaartein dikhaye gee…

She chose to fly…

Many days before I wrote a long blog post on how my baby sister is getting married in a wealthy family who chose her for her looks and not for her talents.

The marriage has been called off. After the engagement, the prospective groom changed his stance and started persuading her not to follow her dreams to complete her PHD and not to work. He took a U-turn on all the promises he made. She started sensing that their family was not serious about her pursuing any kind of career…so I proudly say, she rejected millions for her own career. She chose to fly rather than being shackled by golden cage and handcuffs. Thank you Lord, my sister’s sense prevailed (and our family stood by her) and she broke off with the boy.

दोस्त बन बन के मिले मुझको मिटाने वाले…

दोस्त बन बन के मिले मुझको मिटाने वाले
मैने देखे हैं कई रंग बदलने वाले

तुमने चुप रहके सितम और भी ढाया मुझपर
तुमसे अच्छे हैं मेरे हाल पे हँसने वाले

मैं तो इखलाक़ के हाथों ही बिका करता हूँ
और होंगे तेरे बाज़ार में बिकने वाले

अखिरी दौर पे सलाम-ए-दिल-ए-मुस्तर लेलो
फिर ना लौटेंगे शब-ए-हिज्र पे रोनेवाले…

This ghazal is so close to my heart. I have at least two very close friends who silently conspired against me…stabbed me. I forgave them and am still friends with them.

I don’t know why…when I share those stories with my kids (silently teaching them to be cautious of people whom they trust), they say “What kind of friends you had in past Mum?”.

Hmm is it true? I know one thing – I may not stop trusting people because of them; but I emerge stronger every time my trust is broken. I keep my honesty. Even if they hurt me..I don’t hit back. Not in my genes…but every time God has lent his kind hands to lift me up.

Elder one gets her Macbook Pro

So we got her the laptop she wanted.

She accepted the lower version which saved up to 500$. Hope the new laptop gives the air beneath her wings…for her to fly. Yes, we could get it on credit of 3 years. It would include an insurance of the item as well. Another interesting thing happened…we bumped into an Indian Hyderabadi sales-guy. He was the one who completed the sale for us. Such a genuine guy…way better than the Punjabi guy who wanted to sell the 2850$ laptop. He was a total cheat. Amer guided us that we don’t need that upper model as all we are getting is a touch bar. His honesty and simplicity showed on his face.

Some favourite songs…

This is going to be ever evolving list…

Naa jaa kahin – Ae mere humdum mere dost
Pal Do Pal – The burning train
Mana mere haseen sanam
Hai Duniya Usse kee
Din Dhal Jaye
Huee Shaam
Mujhe Dard de dil ka
Resham kee doree
Hum toh chaley pardes
Tum ek baar mohabbat ka imtihaan toh lo
Kya hua tera waada
jaaney walon zara, muddh key dekho mujhe
Unkey khyal aaye toh aatey chaley gayen
Hum bkehudi mein tumko bulatey chaley gaye
Saaz e Dil chedd Dey..kya haseen raat hai
Dil ke tamanna thee
Kahin bekhyal hokar
Hai Duniya ussikee zaman uskaa
Tum jo huye mere humsafar rastey badal gaye…lakhon diye tere pyar ke rastey mein jal gaye
Zara Saamney toh aao challiye…
Chahongaa mein tujhe saanj sawere
Chaudhavin Kaa Chaand Ho
Mili Khak Main Mohabbat
Kal Chaman thaa aaj ek
Zamaney ney looten chaman kaisey kaisey
Nav Kalpana Nav Roop se rachna rachi jab naar ki
Zameen sey humein aasman
Mainey Chaand aur sitaron ke tamanah
Bikrey huey khawabon ney
Aaye bahar bankey lubhakey chaley gaye

Aao huzoor tumko sitaron mey
Tumhey yaad hogaa kabhee hum miley they
Bekas paey karam kijiye sarkarey madeena
Tu mera chand mein teri chandni, tu mera raag mein teri raagnee
Deewano sey matt puchho unkey dil
Jaaon kahan bata eh dil
Dil mein samaa gaye sajan…phool khile chaman chaman…SANGDIL
Har khushi ho wahaan tu jahan bhe rahey
Aansoon bhari hai
Sajanwa bairee ho gaye humar
Mujko iss raath ke tanhai mein aawaaz na do
Bhooli hue yaadein
Mehbooba Mehbooba
Neend naa mujko aaye…dil mera ghabraye..chupkey chupkey koyee aakey soyaa pyar
Jaaney naa nazar..
Dil ke nazar sey, nazaron kee dil sey…
Jahaan mein jaatee hoon..
Daga Daga Vai Vai Vai..
Oo Sajnaa barkha bhaar aayee
Hum Pyar mein Jalney waalon
Haye sharmaoon kiss kiss ko bataon apnee prem kahaniyan
Tera Jaana dil ke armanon kaa lutt jaana
Aa jaa rey ab mera pukara
Yun Hasraton ke daag
Mera dil yeh pukarey aajaa
Chaand phir nikala magar tum naa aaye

Channa veh ghar aaja
Aaogey jab tum o saajna
Piya basanti rey
Ae kassh ke hum hosh me ab

Kala Doriya
Bhangra taan sajda