Garbage Can

When it comes to doing something in your life, we should take clues from the phrase ‘Garbage Can’ synonymously used for garbage bins.

When even garbage can (as opposed to cannot), then why can’t we. Each one of us can add our contribution to kindness and positivity in the world.

E.g. yesterday I was in office, when S called. I was surprised to see her call as she knows its my working hours. She was very happy as she has been promoted. Why did she call me…as I always encouraged her to reach out for better roles…If my words of positivity helped her improve her career, just imagine if we all decide to be spread positivity in the world…how beautiful this world would be…

Preparing for Mum Dad visit

My parents are visiting us in a couple of weeks. This weekend, I tried get the guest room ready for them…it is so difficult.

Its amazing how and when did I gather so many things that I didn’t need. A huge bag of clothes went to local charity shop. It had all the unused clothes which I kept for years.

The cleaning is still pending. It will take more than a weekend to clear up the mess. But I can’t wait for mum and dad to come 🥰🥰

Lonely battle…

In India, when we look for a partner or matrimonial match for our children, we see physical compatibility. The height, complexion, looks, personalities, family culture should match. We go for looks; but do not go for mental compatibility. No thought process goes into finding out if the views match.

And then we tie the knot…and leave the couple grapple with that incompatibility. The result is often one person in the couple ends up sacrificing their values, beliefs, and opinions in a quest to achieve a common ground. Parenting becomes another source of clash. Both fight a lonely battle…sometimes with each other and sometimes with oneself.

Dream’s mystery

On Saturday night, I saw my niece crying, even though all was well in her world. I woke up with that bad intuition. Something was not right. Obviously my daughter would have known about it as my niece and she talk almost everyday.

I grilled my daughter and she blurted that my niece might break up with her ‘soon to become fiancee’ boyfriend. I talked to my niece and comforted her. I will always have her back. I am always there to support her.

But the dreams continue to forewarn me…

मेहनत से उठा हूँ

मेहनत से उठा हूँ, मेहनत का दर्द जानता हूँ, (I rose from labour, and know the pain)
आसमाँ से ज्यादा जमीं की कद्र जानता हूँ। (And that’s why I know the value of ground I walk than the sky I aspire for)

लचीला पेड़ था जो झेल गया आँधिया, (I was a flexible tree and survived the storms)
मैं मगरूर दरख्तों का हश्र जानता हूँ। (But I know the consequences of the trees that refused to bend)

छोटे से बडा बनना आसाँ नहीं होता, (Its not easy to rise from trenches)
जिन्दगी में कितना जरुरी है सब्र जानता हूँ। ( I realise the value of perseverance and persistence)

मेहनत बढ़ी तो किस्मत भी बढ़ चली,(my labour rose, and so my good fortune)
छालों में छिपी लकीरों का असर जानता हूँ। (but I still know the effect of blisters on body and soul)

बेवक़्त, बेवजह, बेहिसाब मुस्कुरा देता हूँ, (I smile anytime, without any reason innumerously)
आधे दुश्मनो को तो यूँ ही हरा देता हूँ!! (And defeat half of my enemies)

काफी कुछ पाया पर अपना कुछ नहीं माना, (I have achieved a lot, but don’t consider it mine)
क्योंकि एक दिन मिट्टी में मिलना है ये जानता हूँ। (as I know my final destination is to be dust/ashes one day)

Borrowed from Facebook post! But felt it was written for me.

My life has been full of struggles. I still grapple with issues that cannot be solved. But one thing I try not to forget – be kind and keep smiling.

It true and I am not boasting. I am highest paid person in the entire friend circle and family, relatives…but no one realises that. No one can find out that and no one will. I smile when they put me down, everytime. But this is one thing, they will never know. I don’t want them to think about me in the light of my achievements. I want them to judge me a person I am.

For value of a person is from their character and not money they earn.

Dreams and their outcomes

I think nature is taking its course to inform me about an important event that is going to happen before it actually happens. I always thought I have intuitions about things before they happen. I see dreams…which turn out to be true.

So, it happened that couple of months ago, I dreamt about my grandmother and her sister (both have passed away). They both are very happy…while I see some of family members being unhappy. My grandmum asked me to accompany her as she is going to a wedding.

Yesterday, my niece introduced a boy she liked to my family (my parents and my brother and Bhabhee). My family like the boy and you know what…the wedding might actually happen.

I thinking of maintaining a journal of my dreams and later events that I can associate with those dreams. Who knows…🤷‍♀️

First major purchase on her own

Today my elder one purchased her own iPad, stick and cover,on her own.

She had made up her mind months ago. I knew about it. She had collected the money as well by working shifts. But she still run this past M. I admire that. M agreed and then she was unstoppable.

She went and got it today. And called me right away. Though she had a full night study last night, she sounds chirpy and happy. And when I said Congratulations! She said…yes maa, first major purchase on my own.

Thank you Lord. Yeh kuchh karr jaye bass…apney pairon parr khadee ho jaye. It will be worth all the tribulations I went through.

Mere Dost Kaa Baap

In Australia, when a student reaches Grade 10, the school assumes that the student must have thought about what they want to do in future. So, in Grade 10, they ask the students to complete one week work experience in any field. This gives the student an insight into what that field entails and whether they suit that job type. It worked for my elder one,…she wanted to be a vet doctor (being a Dog person) and she did her work experience in a vet clinic. After one week, she refused to be a vet as she came across the surgeries of the dogs and saw euthanizing of one dog. She said while she is a dog person; she will find it difficult to perform surgeries and put them down.

Now is the time for my son to do the work experience. But he is facing challenges. This is due to the fact that he has no clarity for what he wants to do and Covid is making things difficult for them. For past one week, he and his friend has been going to different places, but did not get the break through. This morning, he was preparing to go to a Bakery. I asked what if he does not get the opportunity.

He said – Well I have a back up plan.

I said – What plan?

He – Woh mere (he pauses for a sec) dost ka Baap works in a restaurant. We will work there.

I was taken aback. Anyone knowing Hindi would know that calling one’s friend’s Dad ‘Dost Ka Baap’ is not a very polite way of saying. So I explained it to him that it was very rude. He shook his head and told me that he was trying to translate from English to Hindi for me. I told him that he could say ‘ Mere friend key Papa/Dad/Father’. But be respectful :).

Anyways, the bakery also refused. So apparently, they will work in a restaurant. THE REAL LIFE HAS STARTED FOR HIM.