Discovering a strong, sassy me

The new job is a hell hole. There is one person who has the project under her thumb and is a massive bully. The entire team is wary of her, but because she is source of project information, her tantrums are tolerated and pampered.

When I joined, my Mamager resigned the same week. He was just 3 months old in the project and so did another senior member who was just 4 weeks old. No one wants to stay here – each one wants to run, except her who is no less narcissistic and psycho like Hitler.

So they have made me the Manager and put me in a direct face-off with her. And I told M that day it becomes tough, I will resign. This decision has empowered me and I am now giving her complete competition. She hates me and today she threw a tantrum- something that appears childish in corporate world. This week I have won most of the rounds. We will see next week!!

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