Life is at a pause right now

The job hunt is very aggressive, but the market response is dormant. And every day, I feel so useless.

I have been working and a primary breadwinner for my family since last 20 years. At this point, M is earning fine, our home mortgage has been paid off, and we have some savings that can help us survive this downtime. I have to have some patience and mentally can not afford to go into the panic mode. But, this is something I have to force myself to do….every evening I tell myself that it’s fine and can happen to the best of people, and that there are so many things I am thankful about. Yet, it is not an easy time for me. The dilemma is that physically, I don’t think I have the strength to go back to working routine the way it was before. Then I think maybe I need to slow down…but how…children are growing and still we have so many responsibilities to fulfil. 😔

Talking of children. Elder one has lost 13 lgs since her surgery. She has lost loads of inches and looks so different now. Signs of PCOS seem to be decreasing now. The younger one has also lost weight. He is watching weight and diet and has lost quite some inches during the break. That leaves M and me. We have gained so much weight and are struggling so badly to lose some inches 🙃


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