मेहनत से उठा हूँ

मेहनत से उठा हूँ, मेहनत का दर्द जानता हूँ, (I rose from labour, and know the pain)
आसमाँ से ज्यादा जमीं की कद्र जानता हूँ। (And that’s why I know the value of ground I walk than the sky I aspire for)

लचीला पेड़ था जो झेल गया आँधिया, (I was a flexible tree and survived the storms)
मैं मगरूर दरख्तों का हश्र जानता हूँ। (But I know the consequences of the trees that refused to bend)

छोटे से बडा बनना आसाँ नहीं होता, (Its not easy to rise from trenches)
जिन्दगी में कितना जरुरी है सब्र जानता हूँ। ( I realise the value of perseverance and persistence)

मेहनत बढ़ी तो किस्मत भी बढ़ चली,(my labour rose, and so my good fortune)
छालों में छिपी लकीरों का असर जानता हूँ। (but I still know the effect of blisters on body and soul)

बेवक़्त, बेवजह, बेहिसाब मुस्कुरा देता हूँ, (I smile anytime, without any reason innumerously)
आधे दुश्मनो को तो यूँ ही हरा देता हूँ!! (And defeat half of my enemies)

काफी कुछ पाया पर अपना कुछ नहीं माना, (I have achieved a lot, but don’t consider it mine)
क्योंकि एक दिन मिट्टी में मिलना है ये जानता हूँ। (as I know my final destination is to be dust/ashes one day)

Borrowed from Facebook post! But felt it was written for me.

My life has been full of struggles. I still grapple with issues that cannot be solved. But one thing I try not to forget – be kind and keep smiling.

It true and I am not boasting. I am highest paid person in the entire friend circle and family, relatives…but no one realises that. No one can find out that and no one will. I smile when they put me down, everytime. But this is one thing, they will never know. I don’t want them to think about me in the light of my achievements. I want them to judge me a person I am.

For value of a person is from their character and not money they earn.

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