Mere Dost Kaa Baap

In Australia, when a student reaches Grade 10, the school assumes that the student must have thought about what they want to do in future. So, in Grade 10, they ask the students to complete one week work experience in any field. This gives the student an insight into what that field entails and whether they suit that job type. It worked for my elder one,…she wanted to be a vet doctor (being a Dog person) and she did her work experience in a vet clinic. After one week, she refused to be a vet as she came across the surgeries of the dogs and saw euthanizing of one dog. She said while she is a dog person; she will find it difficult to perform surgeries and put them down.

Now is the time for my son to do the work experience. But he is facing challenges. This is due to the fact that he has no clarity for what he wants to do and Covid is making things difficult for them. For past one week, he and his friend has been going to different places, but did not get the break through. This morning, he was preparing to go to a Bakery. I asked what if he does not get the opportunity.

He said – Well I have a back up plan.

I said – What plan?

He – Woh mere (he pauses for a sec) dost ka Baap works in a restaurant. We will work there.

I was taken aback. Anyone knowing Hindi would know that calling one’s friend’s Dad ‘Dost Ka Baap’ is not a very polite way of saying. So I explained it to him that it was very rude. He shook his head and told me that he was trying to translate from English to Hindi for me. I told him that he could say ‘ Mere friend key Papa/Dad/Father’. But be respectful :).

Anyways, the bakery also refused. So apparently, they will work in a restaurant. THE REAL LIFE HAS STARTED FOR HIM.

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