Foreign Countries Ka Charm – Myths Busted

Being away from your nation is not an ideal situation – contrary to what every one back home thinks.  All those theories that western countries are clean, beautiful, corruption free, logical, ethical, great medical care..blah blah (yes they are blah blah blah mate!). To be honest, except for a nice car driving experience, I have not seen the presence of any such adjectives.  Living overseas is an extremely overrated impression.

Its been two years since we are in OZ.  We came in as Permanent Residents, and were lucky (yes very lucky …I would say almost a miracle) to get decent (not very great but decent) jobs.  That broke MYTH 1 – You can easily pick up any random jobs abroad. We have faced worst kinds of bias here.  Refrees/ Reference (SIFARISH in desi language) is a big thing.  Most of the jobs here are fixed for Bhai Bhatijawaad.  Seriously guys! You rely on referenced to hire?  So the process goes:

There is a need of a resource with Team A.

  1. Job is advertised on SEEK.
  2. 100 candidates apply.
  3. Three candidates are shortlisted/ interviewed.
  4. In the end, the person recommended/ referred to by the Manager of Team B gets the job – irrespective of the fact that the other candidates suited more for the profile.

So the first thing when you land in Australia is to start building networks.  But how – Indians don’t mingle and you don’t have other circle. Being active on Social Media like LinkedIn helps – but only when luck strikes.

By any luck, you get a job.  There comes the next surprise- its never ethical  here.  Breaks the MYTH 2 – In Overseas they value work and had work.  The organizations play fair and if you give in your honest 100% effort, you are valued as an employee.  No way, Aussies play mind games.  They assess your weakness and play it against you. The plan is to hit your self-confidence that can affect your productivity.  Employees gossip (politer word for Bitch) like anything, and its the Chinese Whisperer all the way. Organizations are never fair.  They have to give certain rights to permanent employees – so they hire on casual.  If there is no work, they want you to go back home; even if they have promised full time hours.  People don’t want to work and they change stand like you change chairs in musical chairs.  Lying, manipulating, cursing, swearing is so common on work floor. I worked for 13 years in India, but have never ever seen someone saying ‘F’ words on work floor…here is a common term mate!

God forbid, if you fall ill…I had a medicine allergy once and was puking the whole night since evening.  In midnight, I told my husband that we needed to go to hospital. I entered in emergency with a bucket in my hand (I was puking so much I just could not handle it).  We reported to the reception nurse; they made us sit and wait…One hour, two hours, three hours..I am puking after every two-three minutes…and then my husband lost his cool and asked the nurse where is the doctor, and then comes the doctor…she could not find my pulse to give an injection and when she inserted the cannula, my blood started flowing on the bed..After some AHHs and OOPss she could give me the shot to control the allergy.  I survived; but MATE that’s medical emergency here.  MYTH 3 – great patient care, great doctors…contrary to what we think medical care/ attention is much better in India.  You at least can knock a local doctors door in the midnight to get first aid or even public hospitals ..though over crowded you see doctors in emergency.  In Australia there were barely 5 patients in emergency, and doctor said she was late as the emergency was over crowded!

When it comes to cleanliness, I cannot complain much (after all I am Indian and hey India is all about slums, call centers, rapes, bad roads, poverty, open defecation, etc).  We still need to go a long way to be seen beyond that.  But, coming back to the point, I see cigarette stubs, coffee mugs all the way in the city.  You get fly/mosquitoes/ bugs here as well.  There are some places that stink.  I have visited some old building that stink badly of old carpets, rugs.

Trust me guys, all those people who post great landscape pictures with Barbecues/ beers are lonely, very lonely there.  Loneliness is the way of life overseas.  Shifts clash, timings one has time for any one here.  Those pictures/ get togethers are not everyday routine, rather few rare occasions.  Pain is all that you get …

After two years, we should have felt much settled here.  Our kids are very happy..after all no school pressure as was in India…but something has died within us.  Australians are empathetic people but not helpful – they will listen to you, empathize with you, even cry with you but will not help you.  I as a person was not very aggressive person – but I guess Australia has brought the worst out of me – I am always angry, frustrated, bitter and aggressive.



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