Bollywood Effect Showing:

When Jennifer Aniston, in an episode of Friends, discovers that she is pregnant she remarked – Despite fierce protection, few things have hidden weapons that trickle down from your defenses.

Well, something similar happened to me. NAAH!! I am not pregnant. What happened is as follows

My six year old fell down. It hurt him badly. He stood up and braved his tears. His Dad ran and dusted his clothes. He caressed his face and asked whether it hurt. The six year old gave a careless shrug ‘No, Dad!! Mard ko dard nahin hotaa’.

We both stared at him open mouthed. Oblivion of our expressions he said, “I am going to be an army captain! Main mard hoon…aur mard ko dard nahin hotaa’.

We were astonished. We have tried our level best to keep our kids away from Bollywood…permitting only the Restricted viewing. But Bollywood surely has its own way to seep into any forbidden area. I asked him, where he heard this from. Pat came the reply “My friend in the school”. Ahh…

These days his favorite phrase is…’Bhooton ka sansaar, Sacche dil ka Pyaar, aur bhattar singh kee raftaar..koyee nahin pakad saktaa’.

He sometimes calls himself Khiladi Bhaiya and sometimes Badtameez.

His PTM is nearing. I will have to talk to his teacher to keep him away from his ‘Filmy Friend’. And hope he recovers soon from his filmy fever 🙂


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