Relaxed, Laid Back, and Blessed Birthday

This year my birthday fell on a Saturday, which came as a welcome relief. While the kids were away at my mom’s place, it was just two of us. The birthday started with a note of introspection. It was a chilly, wintery morning, and I was in no mood to leave my quilt. But alas, my maid came just at the right time. So practically, she was the first one to meet me on my birthday. When she was cleaning the home, I slid back in my quilt. Lying down there, I introspected on my life in the past decade. Well, it surely has been a roller coaster ride for me, since my elder one was born. So many things changed – I started my career, we shifted homes, younger one was born, I switched my jobs, my hubby wound up his career, and so much. Our appearances have changed, hairs have greyed, and today we are just the parents.

As kids were away, I decided to make the most of the day. The thought brought it energy in me. While my hubby was still sleeping, I got up, had my bath, and wore my best dress. I decided to go to a local temple. When I stepped out, I was greeted with warm sunshine!! First Gift by God, as it had been foggy for the past 5-6 days. I drove down to the temple and had a wonderful time there. When I returned, my hubby was up and ready after a bath. He had also prepared breakfast for both of us. He gave me a warm hug – something for which I can give up all the comforts of my life. I went to my room, and there was a BIG SURPRISE – a woollen suit, that I had admired in a shop few days back and left because of high price, was hanging, and was stitched as well. Also there was a lovely jewelry box with imitation jewelry. My hubby had gauged what I really desired, and got them for me. I shrieked in surprise and gave him a tight hug. Phone calls started pouring in – my papa-in-law always the first one to call, my parents, my brother, cousins and friends. Kiddos called up, and my parents invited us to come over in the evening.

After breakfast, we both took our chairs out in the sunshine, and lazed there for a couple of hours. We talked on almost everything – our aspirations, politics, religion, and so many things that I cannot recollect right now. I felt relaxed, all quiet and calm within. At around lunchtime, my hubby asked me to get ready. He took me to the local market, and we both had Amritsari Kulcha (typical street food that we often had in courtship period). We then went to a local Walmart Mall, and brought our groceries. Now I had started missing my kiddos badly, and the sun was also getting quiet. We went to our parent’s place. Kids came running with all the surprises. They made a wonderful card for me, with flowers and cake. My parents and brother’s family surrounded me, and I was showered with love and gifts. WoW!! What a birthday I had!! I entered my forties with such a lovely day.

Thank You God, you have given us love and compassion!!


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