Denture lost!!

Last weekend, I was at my parent’s place. As old age is settling in, my parents are becomingly increasingly, lovingly funny. And the best part, they are not aware of it.

My Mom has a weird habit of keeping her denture at strange places, beneath her mattress, or in the bathroom cupboard, and sometimes in the kitchen. Yesterday, as I was there with my kiddos, my mom was up on her toes. But after sometimes, she got tired, and got into her quilt. My dad, wearing a half worn cap, bright maroon sweater (which is very loose and stretched now), and eyes confused and desperate comes in.

Dad: Snehjee
Mom: Hanjee
Dad: Big problem!!
Mom: What happened?
Dad: I can’t find YOUR denture.
Mom: Ohh Is that so? How bad of me? I must have kept it here and there. I know that’s a bad habit, but me and my lazy bones..

She gets up and goes away muttering these words. In a min, she returns back, with hands on her waist.

“But, my denture is in my mouth!!!”

Sending me and my kids in peals of laughter.


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