Ahh …My dear MPs…You have already condemned her to a shameful life

Yesterday, our Hon’able Parliament rocked with allegations and protest against brutal gangrape. During the process, respected MP Jaya Bacchhan and Sushma Swaraj were quite vocal against it. When I saw the news, I was impressed to see them come against so aggressively against the brutal crime. But Alas!! I was ashamed by their statements.

Jayajee says that the girl is now as good as a corpse. All her life she will live the life of dead. While Sushmajee says, that the stain will stay with her all her life. She has been now stained. WOWW!! Applause!!

How intelligent!! Why the hell should the girl live the life of dead? Why..because she bore the brunt of seven men’s savagery? Because she got trapped with seven animals in a moving bus, and was brutally raped by them.

Shouldn’t these women demand her swift rehab? Why do we feel that now she will be unable to live a dignified life? Why is it presumed that she is dead? Why couldn’t these women tell the girl – its ok!! There is no need to be ashamed of. They had your body, but not your soul. You are more than dear to us, and entitled to a full life of happiness. Let those animals be damned. It’s time for men to be ashamed, not you. You are as chaste and pure as ever. No one can touch your spirit and strength…

Please for God’s sake, stop condemning women for all the atrocities that men commit. Let them be accountable for what they do.


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