Today for the first time in my life…shame to you my nation…I am concerned that I have a daughter.

I am scared for my daughter!! Though, today should have been a proud day for me…as my daughter, for the first time in her life, took her first independent steps to school. She went to school…unaccompanied, all by herself. I am so proud of her…but I am feeling paranoically scared for her.

Because I live in a nation full of a nation where rape happens every day, and the nation does nothing to punish the culprits. What’s wrong with the men today? Why the bestiality is increasing day by day…why??

Godd, where should I hide my little one? How can I be there for her, every time and everywhere? Where is she safe – in school, in her neighborhood, or her home? Should I imprison her? Should I bind her behind the veil, so that she remains safe? Should I restrict her in home, so that she remains safe? Which age are we living in? Today, I read on a site,

“Doctors treating the 23-year-old victim of a brutal gangrape incident in Delhi say that the extent of injuries on the girl is completely shocking, and that the men involved clearly had strong psychopathic tendencies. The extent of injuries on the victim is extremely severe. She has intestinal damage after being repeatedly hit with a blunt object on her abdomen, and doctors say the extent of genital damage indicates that a blunt object was also probably shoved up her private parts. She is currently receiving treatment at the Safdarjung hospital.”

I shudder to think, what the girl must have gone through at that time. What was her fault? She was out at 9:30 PM with a male friend, or they trusted and boarded a bus. Where are we leading to? Will this ever stop? While our politician are busy fighting over polls, calling each other names, over FDI, the nation’s capital is fast becoming the most dangerous place to live in.

We all advocate the rights of a girl child…that she has a right to birth..but are we giving the right kind of atmosphere for her to live a happy life. The buck does not stop at just criticizing the female feticide. The responsibility lies upon us for her to feel safe and happy.

If we can hang terrorists, why can’t we hang rapists? Rapists are worse than terrorists. After all terrorists like Kasab violated our boundary, and rapists violate a woman’s soul and body. They infringe a woman’s very sense of being.


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