Whatt!! We don’t eat MOSTLY for breakfast!!

My son gets his lunch and breakfast (milk break with a snack) from his school itself. As they are young, the teacher urged the parents not to give kids heavy breakfast before they leave for school; otherwise they don’t take the meal properly. This defeats the very purpose of serving them mid day meal.

But for the past few days, he gets up very early in the morning. By the time, he leaves for school its almost 2 hours since he is up, and he insists on having his breakfast. BUT for him breakfast means EGGU WALEE BREAD!! (French toast he means to say). So, we all are forced to have eggs in breakfast almost every day.

Today morning, on the breakfast table, we had a round of discussion. My hubby missed having ‘Aloo Ka Paranthas’, since long time (Punjabis you see, we cannot stay away from paranthas). I told him, “Ask your son!! For him breakfast means EGGU WALEE BREAD”

Hubby teased me, “What does he say?”

I asked my son to confirm, “Tell me, what breakfast is?”

He went into a thoughtful mood.

My daughter tried to intervene. “You see. We eat mostly…”

At this he shouted, “Whatt!! We don’t eat mostly!!” His eyes wide open and agitated. “First we eat Roti (clever one…he was listening to the conversation and manipulated his answer) and then we eat EGGU WALEE BREAD!!”

Then with a sharp frown and disapproving look at his sister, “But we never eat mostly in our breakfast!!”

My daughter heaved a long breath, threw that hopeless kind of look at him, and resumed having her breakfast; leaving me and my hubby in peals of laughter.


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