Need a reminder to eat ‘Gems’ in pocket

Every morning my younger one insists on taking a toffee or chocolate or juice along with, something that he can share with his friends in the bus. We take care that it does not turn into a practice. But today morning, he made a real cute face while asking for it. My usual stern self melted, and I gave him a pack of Gems. I made him put it in his sweat shirt’s pocket.

With a deep frown on his forehead, “Why are you keeping it in my pocket?”

His Dad, “So that you don’t lose it!”

“Hmm!! What if I forget to eat it?”

“So what? You can bring it back home and share it with your Didi.”

“Nooooo!! No way!! You do one thing…please write it down on a paper that I have to eat my Gems. Hand it to me, so that I remember it”

“But sweetheart!! How will you read it? You have just started with the alphabets!!”


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