YOu are my sister…not my MOM!!!

My younger one never fails to dramatize each situation. A slight spank or even simple pat on his back will be responded by his somersaulting twice or thrice and you see him in an aggressive Kung Fu pose with his fists ready to hit. No…he is NOT attending any KungFu or Taekwondoo classes. God knows from where he has picked up the actions and response system (but let me tell you the guy has an innate talent here).

He shares his bedroom with his sister, and is usually responsible for spoiling the room. Yesterday he made it really messy. The moment she entered the room, she fumed. She started, “What kind of child you are? always spoil the room and then mom scolds can you do this …”

Five minutes later he came to my room…his fists clenched, teeth gritted and nostrils flared…his chin was tilted inside and his eyes were staring straight into my eyes.

“Let me make one thing clear!! She is my sister..not my mom!!”

With my mouth open I gaped at him for a minute. When he turned his back to return to his room…I came to realize what he said…and then

“Hey wait!! What did you say? That poor girl cleans the room at least half a dozen times a day …and you are talking like this…wait!!”

Minute later, I and he were running all across the home like Tom and prize for guessing who was Tom and who was Jerry 🙂


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