Mom, whatz a Shaturmurg?

Kids have unique ways of testing your patience, isn’t it? And trust my daughter to think of new ways, every morning.

My daughter’s school is just 5 mins distance on a scooter. The on footers are supposed to reach school by 7:40 AM. Usually we make sure that she reaches school by 7:35 AM, so that she is well settled before the class starts, and she values the concept of punctuality.

Today, I overslept for half an hour and my whole day got upside down. I woke up with a jerk that instantaneously triggered headache. I was late in my daily rituals – my bathing, and going to Gurudwara. When I came back from Gurudwara, it was already 7:10 AM, and I had just 20 minutes to pack her lunch and make her breakfast. Thanks to Kissan Jam, I quickly packed a Parantha with Jam, and made a quick tea for her. Meanwhile her dad did her hair. There was an urgency in our actions, but her majesty had no panic/urgency in her routine…slowly and slowly she put her lunch box in bag..monitored her bag…then thought over whether she should take her pink pencil or blue pencil..(time 7:35 AM)

7:37 AM: She slowly comes and picks up her tea, bites an apple slice, and again that thoughtful mood. It was as if I was watching a film in slow motion.

7:38 AM: I frowned at her, with my head spinning with headache. “Whats wrong with you, honey? Can’t you see, you are late?”

“Mom..What is Shaturmurg?”


“Whats the logic behind naming it Shaturmurg…I mean they could have named him well, given that poor animal a better name”

I gritted my teeth, “Can we discuss it later? You are getting late!!!!”

“Mom!! You remember, people say always answer your kids’ queries.”

“Ahhhh!!!!!” I stared at her…and stared at her. She finished her tea and rushed to school.

Thankfully, our clocks run 5 minutes ahead the usual time…otherwise she would have been a late comer to school today.


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