Participating in VAW Month

This October is the Violence Against Women Awareness Month, and I am participating in it. Are you guys with me?

I had my first brush with domestic violence scenario recently. It was late evening, and my hubby had to pick a package from local courier company. I and kids were sitting in the car, when I spotted a couple sitting on the side railing of the road. Both looked from a well to do family. I admired the girl’s beauty initially…but gradually observed that she was crying. The guy was speaking furiously. Suddenly he got up and motioned her to sit on scooter with her. She refused. By now..they had my full attention. Suddenly he slapped her…I gasped in shock…I had never ever seen any grown up woman being slapped like that…moments later he twisted her arm…and she cried in pain. I impulsively got out of the car. Both observed me…the moment I took a step towards them, she motioned me to back off. I never ever felt so helpless before. She sat behind the scooter and went off

All I could do was look worriedly behind them. Ahhh!! I feel so bad even now.

What could I do? After all, it was their personal matter. I followed the Bell Bajao concept; yet could not do anything to help her out


2 thoughts on “Participating in VAW Month

  1. Its sad isnt it? That despite all of us being totally aware of these scenarios, we hardly can stop the abuse. Women who are abused are scared as to what will happen when an outsider intervenes. Not sure what we can do to help.

  2. Yeah, never ever felt so helpless before. All we can do is express our views, show our dissent and counsel women not to bear such things anymore.

    Before a girl gets married, it is so important for parents

    * to counsel their daughters against domestic violence
    * to promise them unconditional support and understanding if they ever decide to walk out of their abusive marriage
    * make daughters mentally, emotionally, physically and financially strong to face any such situation
    * set a precedent for them early on, by living a balance life themselves. After all, a child is conditioned by what he/she sees. If she sees her mother to be submissive, she will automatically be submissive in her relationship.

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