Here Comes the Trouble!!

29th Sept, 2011

I reached home late yesterday. The moment, I called from office telling my hubby that I will be late, my sweetheart had planned an evening out – driving down to local Dhaba for dinner, and an icecream (Kwality Feast) on our way back. On an average, this happens once a week, and sometimes even twice. The Dhaba is owned by three brothers who serve pure vegetarian home cooked food, and we have been their regular customers for over eight years now.

Coming back to the evening – when I reached home, my hubby was waiting in the car. My daughter was sitting in the front seat and my son in the rear seat. The moment I was to board the car, my daughter got out and went to the rear seat.

My son (in a low tone), “Here comes the trouble!!”

My hubby: “Hey, young man!! Watch out…who are you calling trouble…your mom or your sis?”

My son, “What? I was talking about Didi. ”

Hubby, “ You were calling your Didi..a trouble?”

My son, quickly sensing an issue here, retracted from a statement.

“Naah!! I was saying, now that Didi is sharing the rear seat with, it will be a trouble for both of us. We will have to share the seat. How can I call her a trouble?” With his voice trailing away.

Hmm!! He will surely make a good politician!!


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