Help!!! My Four Years Old Wants Babies of His Own

Yesterday evening, I was in a pensive mood, with loads of thoughts and worries clouding my mind. Suddenly my four years old strolled into my room with face denser than mine.

He gave me that dramatic, frowned was evident that he had a fight with his elder sister.

He stood in front of mirror, and started examining his face…caressing his hands on his lower face and chin.

He: “Mom!! When do you think I will grow up?”

Coming from a four year old, the question seemed more funny than serious. I smiled.

He:”Whats there to smile about? When will I grow up?”

I fondly picked him up. He crossed his legs around me and put his arms around my neck.

I: “Why do you want to grow up? I want you to be like this always…my cute baby!!” And I kissed him.

He gave me a quizzical look.

He: Huhhh ok!! Stay like way!! I want to grow up!!

I: Why baby?

He gave me a frowned look. But after looking at my face, he mellowed down. He hugged me and said, “I want babies of my own!!”

My mouth opened in amazement. Wide eyed, I asked him.


He: Yes, I want babies of my own!!

I : Why?

He: So that I can tell them what to do and what not to? I can scold them and tell them not to touch this thing..or the other thing.

🙂 Ohh my baby!!


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