A Brush with Parents’ Worst Nightmare

Last few days have been very disappointing and frustrating for me – at work and on personal front. A kind of depression was slowly getting better off my usual cheery self. I came across a blog (on positive thinking) that said, “Always jot down your blessings”. I brushed aside the idea thinking that, “I hardly have anything to write now.”

My low spirits did not get unnoticed by my family. My darling hubby always tries to lift my spirits when I am down. Today evening, he took me for dinner. Usually, during mid of week, we go to a local dhaba located at the local market.  We had our usual there..two thalis with extra chapattis. On the way back, I remembered I had to get few items for home. We went to usual grocery shop and ordered few things. Kids as usual were running up and down the corridor. There was a section of the market that has just been inaugurated. We decided to check it out. I called out to my kids who were playing in the corridor of other section.  And moments later, we entered a new shop in the section. Nice shop with nice interiors..and a great range of Tshirts and Kurtis. My spirits lifted the moment I saw a wonderful kurtee..15 minutes gone we are still in shop checking out the Kurtees. Meanwhile I asked my hubby,

“Think I should go and check out on kids!!”.

“Don’t worry, they must be playing in the corridor!! But do go and check them out”

I went out and returned after 5 minutes, all panicked.

I could not find them.

We both ran to different sections of the market. Checked almost every shop, asking about them,

Within 5-10 minutes, all the bad thoughts crossed our minds. Then hubby’s phone rang. Unidentified number.

My hubby took the phone. The person on the other hand inquired his identity. Upon confirmation he said that he is standing with kids in the parking lot, next to our car.

We ran to parking lot, and there I could see both of them standing (crying) with a very young guy, who was holding his daughter in his arms and with one hand held my four years old hand. Actually there was a heavy traffic road in between the parking lot and the market. He made sure that 4 years old does not run on the road.

He looked like an angel there…and when we thanked him, He said it was remarkable that your daughter remembered your phone number and was alert enough to be standing nearby your car.

Our first reaction was to actually hug them and thank God that they were safe, but then the series of scolding and instructions also followed. But that made me wonder, how many of us actually train our kids to be safe when they get lost? Following are the few of instructions that I gave to them:

  • They are to stand still the minute they realize we are not with them & to know we will be looking for them the minute we realize they are not with us. They should stay at that place only, rather than trying to find us.
  • They remember our cell numbers and address.
  • They are to shout for us. We will recognize their voice amongst thousands of voices.
  • They are not to cry, as it would get them immediate attention of stalkers and people with wrong intent.
  • If they are together they should stick together
  • They are not to go with anyone who tells them they can help find their mummy. They are to say ‘No, I’m not allowed to go anywhere with strangers. My mummy/daddy will find me here.
  • If they see us over the other side of the road they are not to cross but to wait for us to see them. It will help if they shout and wave.

Also this incident gave me my first item in list of things I am grateful to God for…I thank God that our kids are safe and with us.


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