Rain Patakha (cracker)

It’s almost June now and summers are in full bloom, here in North India. With temperatures running as high as 42-43 degree Celsius, any sign of clouds and rain bring a respite. Yesterday evening, I was working in the kitchen, when my 4 years old came running to me…shouting at the top of his voice


Hey!! I am here in kitchen. What happened? Why are you shouting?

How will we go for swimming today? 😦


Can’t you see?


So much of rain patakas outside?

What??? What outside?

Rain Patakha!! (with hands wide apart and “you don’t even know that” look on his face)

I was perplexed for a second, and suddenly I heard a thunder roar of clouds

Ahhh!! You mean lightning?


I mean those patakas (crackers) that the sky is burning!! (Again those bored looks) Why does sky do that? I hate it…why does it rain when I have to go for swimming?

Hmmm..let’s see..Hopefully there is no rain when you have to go for swimming..Meanwhile you go and see if your friends are outside?

Ok!! (with a resigned tone)

Two minutes later



He comes inside with an elated look on his face…

Give me my umbrella!! It’s so fun outside…everyone is out playing in rain…thank you sky!! I love you.

Off he went, happily, with his umbrella. The whole evening he spent with his friends, playing in rain (not asking even once about the swimming thing) 😀

That’s the magic of rain pataka…


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