My little Miss Trouble at it again.

Its 2:30 PM in office. My 4 years old is not keeping well. So thought of calling home to inquire about his health. Miss trouble picks up the phone.

I – Hello baby!! How was the school?

She – Fine (with a low drawl in her voice, which immediately indicated trouble to me)

I – What happened?

She –  Maa, I am wearing grey lowers, and have accidently spill curry on it while having lunch (one thing for which she always gets a scolding. I have given her an apron, but she refuses to use it and always spoils her clothes).

She – Now Papa will scold me.

I – Ohh baby!! Is the spot too much?

She – Naah…u have seen button of a remote control?

I – A bit relieved that its just a small spot

She continues – now if you collect four buttons of the remote, that would as much as the spot

I – Ahh!! 😦

I – Put some talcum powder on will be less visible. When I come back home, I will see how to get rid of it.


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