My little Miss Trouble

Its 3:30 PM  –  Monday afternoon. Sleepy tired faces around and a hangover of weekend still heavy in the air.  Call from home.

8 Years old – Mom!! A big problem!!

A shock big enough to bring me back to my alert self.

I – What happened?

8 Years old – Dad is away for an urgent work and I am alone with 4 years old (my hubby works from home to take care of kids while I am away) (he frequently leaves them alone if he has to be away for half an hour or so)

I – OK

8 Years old – 4 years old had wet his shirt and undershirt. So I tried to change his clothes. I pulled his undershirt along with his shirt and he accidently stuck his arm at the wrong end, and he is stuck nowhere and feeling very tight. I am pulling his shirt and he is shouting.

Now I am panicked. This girl (who was trying to be a grandmom anyways) will suffocate him.

I – Heyy don’t pull. You will strangle or suffocate him. Leave him like he is. Dad will be back in sometime.

8 Years old – Mom he is crying.

I can hear him crying loudly at the back ground.

4 years old: Mom!!! I am stuck..I want to get out!! Didi has done it all!!

I am panicked like hell. It will take me another half an hour to reach home.

I – Put the phone down so that I can call your dad.

8 Years old – No mom!! I am scared. He is now stomping his feet.

I – Is aunty on first floor at home?

8 Years old – I think so

I – Go and ask her to help you.

8 Years old – Ok, you stay on phone I will go and fetch her. I am putting you on speaker. Talk to him.

Meanwhile, I try to soothe him, but he continues crying. All sense of helplessness creeped in my mind. I ask my friend in office to call my hubby…

And then I hear the loveliest sound on the earth…that of my hubby. Phew!!! I am near to tears.

He coolly handles him and removes his shirt and undershirt.

Thanks honey for being there…for doing what other husbands would never ever think of …doing what other husbands would want their wives to do…compromising on career for me, kids and home.


2 thoughts on “My little Miss Trouble

  1. I only had the one, of course, and I worked at home. (Running a farm is work.) I can only imagine if mine was left alone! I congratulate you on having such a sweet, loving husband and I congratulate him on having a wife who appreciates him.

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