Shaktee from Dhartee Maa

It was my appraisal day in office. Had couple of disappointing moments, and my spirits were very low.

I reached home at 6:30 PM to meet the little one (4 years old) playing in the park…in wet mud. For once I was shocked to see him. He had mud all over, from head till his shoes. His shoes, the ones we recently bought at a whooping cost, were so muddy that you could not make out what color were they of. I gave him a bad stare and called him.

I, “Lets go home. Today, I will give you a piece of your mind.”

He gave me a straight look, and dramatically heaved a heavy breath.

“I need Shaktee now!!”

He then picked a handful of mud and put that mud on his forehead (some of which got into his eyes) :O. Now I was really mad at him. I went near him, and held him by his arm.

“What do you think you are doing?.”

He heaved another sigh!! Again a dramatic look, “I was gaining strength from Dhartee Maa (mother earth). When you put mud on your forehead, you get instant strength. I saw that on TV.”

I: What!! :-S

Hangover of serial on Jhansee ke Rani Laxmi Bai on Zee TV

Ahhh what do I do with this boy?

Wished I could do the same to pep up my spirits 😀


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