What will happen when all mothers vanish from earth?

There is so much exposure on TV for kids, especially with advertisements on emergency contraceptive pills, condoms, sanitary pads and Aids. Though, sometimes it put you in a tight spot (especially when your kid is not old enough to understand the concepts, yet they come up with the question), it does get their thinking cells working.

Yesterday my elder one (who is 8.5 years old) asked a question to her grandmother (I am disappointed that she did not come to me…for me its my failure as a mother to generate enough confidence in her for me)

She asks, “Nanee, what is abortion?”

Grand Mom: “Dear, it’s a process when a mother to be does not continue with her pregnancy.”

Elder one: “Nanee, isn’t it true that being a mother is world’s greatest joy?”

GrandMom pulled her closer and lovingly stroked her hair, “Yes, my dear”

Elder one: “Then, how can a mother not continue with her pregnancy? Does that mean that she kills her own child?”

Grand Mom: “Baby, there are some unfortunate mothers who cannot bring their kids in this world, either due to medical reasons or due to financial reasons.”

Elder one: “Nanee, were you happy when I was born?”

GrandMom hugged her, “Yes my dear. You are the best thing that could have happened to us.”

Thinks for a while. After five mins…

Elder one: “Nanee, is it true that people go for abortion when they know that baby to be born is a girl?’

GrandMom: Yes my dear..it does happen but why do you worry?

Elder One: What if all the girl children are killed? Then who will give birth to a child? What will happen when there is no mother on the earth? Will the world stop?

Her grand mom had no answer to these questions…well we all don’t.. Do we?


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