Spirituality for a mom

Sunday morning –  We are getting ready to go to relative’s place. Occasion is Sukhmani Sahib Patth (religious ceremony accompanied by reading of sacred verses) followed by GURU KA LANGAR.

9 years old – Mom, where are we going?

I – Honey, we are going to Mamijee’s (my aunt’s) place to attend Patth and Kirtan

9 years old (in exasperated tone) – Maa!!

I (totally ignoring her looks) – Comeon..get ready. We need to be on time.

4 years old  (excitedly running in circles) –Yayyy!! We are going to Patth and langar. Yay!!

Then halts and asks “Mom..what is Patth?” 😀

At the Patth:

Hall is humming with the sound of recitation of religious words. Most of people have closed eyes, singing in the glory of Guru Nanak.

Suddenly my 4 years old pokes me.  “Mom, when will these songs stop?”. I hush him up, putting a finger on my lips, “Hey be quiet, everyone is praying here.”

He takes it. And then a disaster…I see him going to Ragees (priest singing Shabad Kirtan and leading the Kirtan). He has finger on his lips. He bends onto first one, “Shhhh!! Why are you singing? My mom says be quiet..everyone is praying”.


I rush to get hold of him. He runs out of my reach, and speaks loudly, “Mom!! I am telling him to be quiet..everyone is praying. He is the one disturbing everyone”.


Next few moments…elder one comes with her usual pout, “ Mom I am hungry!!”

5 minutes later, 4 years old comes, “Mom I have to go to washroom!!”

10 minutes later, “Mom call daddy!! He told you to give him a missed call when kirtan was to be over!!”

“I want two-two prashad..I want for my dad too.”

“Mom, why is that aunty staring at me?”

No points for guessing the looks that I got from the elderly people around. I was lamenting the moment when I decided to attend the path.


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