Mom, I saw God yesterday

Monday Morning, time to go to office…and I am rushing to finish off morning chores.

4 years old comes to me and says, “Mom, I saw God yesterday”.

I– “Huh!!”

I look at the clock. It shows Quarter to Nine

“Crap, I am late again”.

I leave the room, and he follows me to the other room.

I look up to him, “Where are your shoes? Go bring them…we are getting late, I have to drop you to the school.”

4 years old – “Mom, I saw God yesterday.”

I – “What..God…ooo great!! But go get your shoes…baby we are getting late”

4 years old – “Mom..” His voice fades and he is in thoughtful mood.

I look at the clock again – Five minutes to nine

I start to panic now – ”Baby go!! Hurry up”

5 minutes later – I am hurriedly tying his shoe laces and he is again thinking.

Taking my mind off the clock, I wonder what is actually fascinating him so much.

I take him on my lap and say, “So, what do you think? How does God look like”

Pat come the reply with eyes lit with enlightenment, “I think God is a Sardar (Sikh)!!”

Startled I with a frown – “What!!”

4 years old, “Yes, I saw God in my school pic…he had a long beard and white long hair. Yesterday, I saw Jyotnoor’s (his sikh friend) granddad sitting in sun. He too has a long white beard with long white hair. He is a u see God is a Sardar”

Phew!! 😦 What an insight…that too on a Monday morning, when I am getting late.


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