Life sucks when you are homesick

Still 9 months to go before I visit home.  M’s niece is getting married and we will go in November.  As silly as it sounds, the countdown has begun for me.

At 44 years of age, I am acting like a homesick new boarder in boarding school, but its true…I am very homesick.  Life sucks when you are homesick and its still 9 months to go before going back home.

Aaj agar bhar aayin hain
Bundein baras jaayengi
Kal kya pata innke liye
Aankhen taras jaayengi
Jaane kab ghum hua, kahaan khoya
Ek aansu chhupa ke rakha tha


Back to the routine..really???

After 6 weeks of summer break and my prayers, the schools open up. Great! Back to the routine..really???

Two hours of first day in school and my son called his Dad. ‘Dad, I am hurt. Can you please come to pick up?’. He was playing in the playground where he had sprained his foot.  M took him to GP, then hospital to get the X Ray done and subsequent consultation. He has apparently ruptured muscle on right foot and is now in bed for a week.

It seems at the moment the entire Universe is conspiring against me.

A tool in the hands of fool can be a weapon of destruction…right!

Yesterday, M and I were in our mobile exploring mode – he on his mobile and I on mine – though we were sitting together. Best way to relax for the modern couples. M was watching videos on an app…the app has mature content…not porn but it had mature themes, funny videos and real time videos as well. He was enjoying and laughing watching funny memes. Though I had my headphones one, I could see his pleasant face. Suddenly he looked very angry and mouthed ‘What the..’ I asked what happened and he handed me his phone and left shaking his head in anger.

That video made my blood boil. Some radical guy (a monster) had caught hold (actually by the back of his neck so that person was forcefully bent down) of a middle aged, poor person from other religion/community.  And this monster was forcing that poor man to hail monster’s religion. This poor man took it sportingly and smiled. He then hailed the monster’s religion. And monster kept getting loud and loud and more violent. And this poor guy got more and more scared…he suddenly realized he was in potential danger…

This monster started hurling abuses for poor man’s sister and mother. And then the poor man ran away for his life. My blood boiled though I don’t belong to poor man’s religion.

Religion is for a person who can afford food, has clothes to wear and a roof above their head. For that poor man, who must have slogged from morning till night, food is the God!

Ability to share such violent video on social media is dangerous.  I am an educated, rational person and I still needed few minutes to calm myself.  I shudder to think if this video reaches the radical belonging to poor man’s religion.  Such videos lead to unpleasant events.  Truly a good tool in hands of a fool is a source of destruction!

Happy faces, voices around

Keeping unwell for a couple of days. That wretched urine infection back again – guess that has got something to do with extreme summers as I got that infection last year same time. M is back – days without him passed slowly but they surely did. Returned after 4 days to lots of office gossips, speculations, news and loads of work. My head still not stable. I hear all happy voices and see giggling young beautiful faces, while I desperately search for the reasons to genuinely smile.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bhai!

Called bhai early in India’s morning to wish him on his wedding anniversary. He has been running high fever since yesterday. He sounded in pain – had high fever when he took the call. I don’t know what clenched my heart – my eyes moist since then..a lump rises up in my throat after every 5 minutes. What kind of relationship God has created. I don’t what bond binds us – we are thousands of kilometres away and now years apart as he has his own family and I have my own…we live in separate worlds. But still his voice stirred deepest emotions. He is my bhai…I can just never see him hurt or in pain.

Duniya chootey par naa tootey
Yeh kaisaa bandhan hai…